Smoke Bombs

Sunday, June 28, 2015
For over a year now I've seen photos on Instagram with these whimsical, very 'alice in wonderland' type colored smoke. I always wondered if it was just edited in with photoshop or what. But this week, I discovered it's real........

The secret?
Smoke bombs.
How cool are these!? They come in all colors too...

If you're into photography, these are a must for cool photoshoots. They would make an awesome slow-mo video too. You can find them at any firework store, just walk in and ask where the smoke bombs are. They should have sticks like the ones I'm holding but also little gumball size 'bombs' that only last a few seconds. Highly suggest the sticks for photoshoots.

A few tips and tricks:

The package says DO NOT hold in hand, but if you're smart with it you won't get burnt. When you initially light the stick it will spark like a sparkler but in a couple of seconds turns into a quiet rush of colored smoke. It's so cool. And strangely beautiful...

DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES. It stings so effing bad.

Do not breathe while the smoke is coming out. Before you light it, take a deep breath then hold it until it's over. No one said photoshoots were easy ;)

These will not go out. If halfway through you decide you've had enough, DO NOT throw it on the ground or try to pour water on it. The smoke will continue to gush out. Each stick lasts about 15-30 seconds.

Do it in a well ventilated area. As you can see we had this photoshoot in the woods covered by trees. The smoke did not GO ANYWHERE. I was honestly worried that the park rangers were going to call HAZMAT seeing all this red, purple, and green smoke slowly creeping through the woods... Yikes.

While the color is the best part, you can add some serious theatrics to black & white photos...

Shout out to Mitch for being the dopest photographer East of the Mississippi.
He's amazing with the camera.

Hope you're all having a nice, lazy Summer Sunday. I'm actually heading to the airport tonight to fly back to one of my beloved 'homes.' Is it New Hampshire? Indiana? Las Vegas?

Time shall tell ;)

Or my instagram tomorrow.


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  2. Question. Where did you buy the smoke bombs? I'm trying to find some like this for a music video I'm shooting.

  3. hi sweetie can i know from where we can buy this?
    am a photographer.. i feel its amazing thing to take pics with


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