My First Photoshoot.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I can officially add humans to my photography resume.

This past weekend I went down to Tampa, FL to surprise my recently engaged sister-in-law and take her engagement photos.

Their names are Savannah & Matt. She's the sister I've always wanted and he's currently in the army stationed here in the Carolinas. These two light up like a spark around each other.

The location was Honeymoon Island near Tampa Bay in Florida.
And I got so lucky with these two.
They have no fear of the camera and added their own flair to all of my ideas.

I was nervous going into this photoshoot. Mainly because of everything weighing on it.
These are photos that will follow them around for years to come!
Photos they may show their kids one day.
They needed to be perfect.

My favorite part of this photoshoot was how laid back and fun it was.
Matt was always goofing around, trying to get Savannah to dance...
We even took a mid-shoot sushi break!
My kind of people ;)

At one point Matt decided to reveal his closet talent for skipping rocks across water.
One time he threw a rock and it skipped all the way across the lagoon to the other side!
Kid has skills.

But then he started to teach Savannah how to skip rocks and my heart melted all over again.
It was like a country song come to life ;)

We spent nearly all day on Honeymoon Island.
The weather was great, there were minimal people was perfect.
So after a short sushi break we returned in the evening for some very chilly but very beautiful sunset shots...

As nervous as I was going into this photoshoot, I left not wanting it to be over.
I had a blast and I think they did too.
My heart filled up with so much joy watching them interact. I absolutely loved capturing it.
I cannot believe some people actually do this full time for a living.
What a dream.

I left Florida Monday morning feeling very motivated and inspired.
I've still got so much to learn about this lovely art called photography -- but that excites me.

It's an ever evolving, growing passion and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Matt & Savannah:
You two are the epitome of love. You are such wonderful spirits. You guys have forever gone down in history as my first 'real photoshoot'  -- and I'll never, ever forget it.
Thank you so much for allowing me into your world. I can't wait to shoot your wedding!


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