Congaree National Park

Monday, April 11, 2016
Who would've thought that South Carolina would be home to one of the most fascinating National Parks in the country?

This park has been on my bucket list since I moved down here.
My NH family was in town for the Easter weekend so I decided it was a perfect time to visit.

Known as the Redwoods of the East, this park has some of the coolest, tallest trees East of the Mississippi.
The park is lined with cool boardwalks you see us standing on in the photo above-- they go for miles and miles.

One of the first things that caught my eye was how fat the trees were at their base.
We learned that this is because they sit in water, so the base absorbs it and becomes swollen.
This makes a great home for lots of little creatures like this one...

Crawdad. I used to play with these allll the time growing up in Indiana.
As a kid there was nothing more exciting than running outside during a rainstorm to watch these little southern lobsters crawl up out of their holes in the ground.

On a more serious note, the most interesting part about this park is the history. Some of the biggest trees in the park were around 1,000 years old! Imagine the things they've seen...

In fact, it's been said that slaves who escaped plantations would run to this forest for refuge because with all of the trees it would be difficult to find them. I kept thinking to myself how incredible it was that maybe the tree I'm leaning against was once a resting place for a tired, frightened slave. Just wild.

The park is free.
I highly suggest checking this place out if you ever find yourself exploring the Palmetto State!
It's about 20 minutes outside of Columbia but feels like 20 minutes out of the dinosaur age.

Spring in the South

Monday, April 4, 2016
As I've said before, I can't envision myself living in South Carolina forever.
But it's such a picturesque stopping ground.

Once I no longer live in this place, the one memory that will hang with me until the day I die is the peach trees in bloom every March.

They are one of the first signs of Spring here in the Palmetto State so not only do they invoke a feeling of rebirth, they're also candy for your eyes. The first Spring I lived here, I could not believe this movie-set like scene was right down the road from me! Never in my life have I seen anything like it. Hundreds of fruit trees in bloom at once.

Like all good things, they only last for a short while so Mitch and I got out and took some headshots before they turned into long, green leaves!

I loved working with different focal points and lighting in these shots.
Of course the natural ones where I wasn't posing are my favorite.

Let me know if you're ever in the Charlotte area and want some headshots done!

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