27 in Heaven

Monday, December 14, 2015
I'm 27.

And life really, truly feels like heaven....

I spent my birthday weekend in the Florida Keys.
I've got some kind of spiritual, past-life connection to that place.
It's such a strong draw - I don't think there's a way to put it into words.

And if you are thinking about visiting, one of my most popular posts 'Things to do in Key West' can be found HERE

I dream of living down there and spending my days rescuing turtles or photographing beautiful places and faces. I want to spend my evenings sitting on the beach singing to acoustic guitar with friends while drinking wine. Most of all I just want to be engulfed in that carefree Keys energy....

I pulled up to my favorite park, Bahia Honda, late in the evening one rainy night and began my sob story of why the park ranger should let me in for sunset photos even though they were supposed to close in a few minutes. His response? 
'pffff don't worry about it, just go in and have fun. We'll close whenever.'

I flashed him the biggest smile, and off I went.

You guys I'm 27. Twenty-Seven.
Saying it out loud makes it really hit home. But even though my youth is slowly slipping through my fingers, I feel so good. Physically and mentally healthier than I've ever been in my life.

I grow, change and evolve SO much every year.
I always get very introspective & reflective around the new year thinking: How will I ever top all of the adventures I went on this past year!?

Then things happen.
Sometimes planned, most of the time out of the blue.

My old soul comes out to play a lot and I love to think of things like, if you would have told me back in October - just two months ago! - that I would be turning 27 in Key West with a fresh coconut in hand.... I would've never believed you. Yeah right. No way. That's too good to be true.
I don't have the money. It's busy season at work, I won't have the time.

But then.......

So with that said, I want to share some invaluable life lessons I've picked up and thrown in my glass during my 26th trip around the sun.

Think less, do more.
Stop thinking of all the reasons why you can't or why it won't work and JUST DO IT.
Most difficult yet best piece of advice I've learned this year.

We may think we know everyone well given our connection through social media. 
But truly, you have no idea. There is always so much more behind the photos, the posts, the political rants...

Changing your diet can change your life.
I mean truly, it can. I have used food to heal a number of ailments throughout my 26th year of life and I can't harp about it enough. If you're dealing with a health issue and want to know of natural ways you can heal, email me. Obviously I'm no physician but there's no harm in having a little chat...

Going off of that, once you stop focusing on dieting to 'look good' and changing your diet to 'feel good'....only then will you be able to shed weight and keep it off.

Judging does absolutely nothing for you.  Nothing.
Besides create hatred and hostility inside yourself. As humans, it is hard for us to not jump to conclusions about someone based on their physical appearance, or the photos/things they share on social media. I do it every day but I'm quick to remind myself that Nope, that's not who they really are. Meet up with them at a quiet coffee shop or at a bar over some coconut rum and the stories you hear will make you question everything you thought to be true. If the conversation goes well you'll find there's a reason, a pivotal moment in that person's life, that makes them act, look, or be a certain way. Actually, once you really grasp this concept, you can live your days in peace with little work. It will be hard for any negativity to break down your walls.

Kindness will bring boat loads of abundance into your life.
Smile at everyone. Show extreme gratitude to everyone you interact with, every day. Baristas. Nurses. Coworkers. Cashiers. We go to the same Starbucks every weekend for our Saturday coffee, so we eventually got to know the store manager. His name is Wayne and he loves when I pretend to act offended by his red cups. HA. Anyway, we were there this past weekend and after I told him I was sad the coffee shop in Miami didn't have my favorite roast, he sent me out with a free bag.
Made my day :)

Manifestation is real and works.
When you notice your frequency (the energy you have inside) shifting to a lower level, such as feeling jealous or angry-- acknowledge it, then immediately do something to raise that vibration! Even if that means isolating yourself. I'm human and I get moody just like anyone else. Some days I don't want to look anyone in the eye. But I've found that when I go out in public and treat everyone I interact with, with kindness and respect...not only do they enjoy it, but it makes me feel a lot better too. I raise my vibration. And a lot of unexpected good things soon come my way...

Our smartphones are a blessing in disguise.
Excellent source of connection for social ties, getting updated on news, etc. But there is aboslutely nothing that can replace throwing your phone away for a night and laying around with someone you love with zero electronics. No phone. No iPad. No TV. Silence. Stare at each other. The conversations and emotional connection that come out of this 'technology isolation' are ground breaking...

Everyone that shows up in your life, has shown up for a reason.
Every single human interaction thrown on your life path was strategically put there to help shape & mold you into the person you are today and the person you are destined to become. Some people will be around for the long haul, others will blow away in the wind... Sometimes it will be immediately clear why that person was thrown on your path, other times, it can take years. Decades.
Trust the process....it will always bring you peace.

"This too, shall pass"
I don't know where it came from, but I would whisper that quote either in my head or under my breath during really rough times. In March I was realllllly sick...like... 104 fever sick. Horrible congestion to the point I could barely breathe, aching all over, it was dreadful. I was laying in bed one night unable to sleep because of this illness, in tears because I felt so awful. I hated that my mom was so far away because not only is she a nurse but she's my angel who makes me feel better with just the touch of her hand. I was just so sick and sad. I stared up at the ceiling fan and kept slowly repeating in my head 'this too shall pass...this too shall pass....'  until I fell asleep and woke up feeling a lot better. Call it what you want, but this mantra really helped me get by. I still use it today and plan on it for life. You can use it for anything...
Because like I said on my birthday last year, nothing lasts forever.

Never grow up.
Don't do it. Like that meme says, it really is a trap. Always play. Always joke around. Always laugh at inappropriate, immature things. Or my favorite-  laugh during really serious, 'grown up' moments...because none of us are getting out of this life alive. The only thing that should matter is love, and that is no flower child hippy speaking. That's coming from a human.

Concern --> Worry --> Anxiety.

Ahh yes. A recently learned life lesson that is going to help me so much throughout life. I have a problem with anxiety, but who the hell doesn't these days. The above quote has helped me tone it down big time.

So listen.
Anxiety is created because at first you were concerned about something. Then you thought too much about it, so you became worried. Then your beautiful, over-thinking brain kept churning and that worry spiraled into full blown anxiety.

Train your mind to stop at Concern.
You can have all the concern in the world for anyone or anything. But do not let it turn into worry otherwise you're destined for anxiety. My brother suffers from epilepsy and being 1,000 miles away it gives me great anxiety that I can not run to his apartment or meet him at the hospital when he has a really bad seizure. But I learned that I can forever be concerned about him because he is my brother, but I cannot let myself worry about him every day. Because even if I was his neighbor, there is nothing I can do to control his seizures. Therefor, the intense worry that caused my anxiety was completely unnecessary.
 So because I love him, I will remain concerned about him.
Nothing more, nothing less.

It's never too late.
To get back on your life path. To get back in touch with who you really are. To change your life.
To get back in touch with someone. To make huge life changes. To take up a new hobby.
To say sorry. To reconcile.
To say I love you...


When all else fails, stop and stare at the sky.
Watch planes fly by and daydream. Watch a storm roll through. Stare at the stars. Go somewhere way out in the country to see the milky way. And my god, watch a full moon rise. Life changing...

Most importantly:


Signing off from South Carolina with love,
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