Wednesday, March 25, 2015
I currently have Echosmith's new song 'Bright' constantly playing in my head.

The birds are loud. Things are green. And I spend my days here...

I live for this season.

The blog has been quiet lately but life sure hasn't. I just got back from a work trip to Illinois actually...

If you remember I was here for two weeks at the end of last Summer.
While it wasn't nearly as pretty, and I was only here for a week this time, I still had an awesome experience.

There's absolutely nothing like driving down those flat roads listening to some good music...

I feel so lucky that I get to come home from my frequent trips to a home that I love. To a tiny apartment that has cheap furniture but is rich in love and joy. To a tiny Southern town filled with Northern transplants that love and appreciate this gorgeous Spring weather just as much as I do.

With this new season comes new thoughts. I find I'm growing and evolving just as fast as the tulips.
I have a burst of strong motivation to try new things and visit new places.
I've got a list about a mile long.

Just this past weekend I tried a new coffee! A coconut latte from Starbucks, of course.
It was divine.

We actually went OUT for dinner at a new restaurant this Friday, too!
This never happens. We are firm believers of a home cooked meal.

It's called Tupelo Honey Cafe in Southside Charlotte and it was the bee's knees.
All pun intended.

So far in the 3 short months of 2015 we've gone to more concerts (of all varieties, I might add. G-Eazy for the win.) learned even more about healthy eating, and volunteered our weekends to causes we really care about.

I have big plans this Spring and Summer. I just know so many fun things are going to transpire. Things I plan but also spur of the moment, completely unexpected things. I'm so excited!

I want to go Here. I want to storm chase in Oklahoma. I want to try THIS and run through Lavender fields in Washington. I want to spend a Summer weekend visiting friends and family in New England.

I want to try so many new things and always be on the road to the next adventure. But I also want to learn how to relax, take things slow, and live in the moment without being bothered by the past or worrying too much about the future....

In the next few months we will depart our beloved 'first place' and upgrade to something bigger.
We will celebrate 2 years married and go on many new adventures.
I can't wait to document it all.

"Life is good.
And that's the way it should be

Are you trying anything new this Spring?

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