Things to do in Charlotte (Part 2)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
I'm not good at sitting around.
Me + Boredom = not friends.

It's so easy to keep my free spirit happy where I currently live. Between the never ending Greenway and the Charlotte sky line you can see from my apartment, I've got plenty to do. Not to mention the mountains 2 hours West and the Coastline 3 hours South. I may or may not have a post about the South Carolina Coastline coming up here in a bit.....  


Last week I got out of my apartment every evening after dinner and just walked aimlessly around the Greenway. Trust me when I say there is nothing more uplifting than a walk during a peaceful evening while the bright orange sun sets over miles of peach trees. Sprinklers start to spew water over fresh strawberry fields, bringing out the aroma of summer. and you get the urge to run through the sprinklers barefoot with 4 strawberries stuffed in your mouth, screaming like a little kid. Then, you stop dead in your tracks because you hear a rustle in the woods... you slowly look to your side and see a family of deer prancing through a flowered meadow while crickets chirp and lightening bugs light up the sky.

I can't make this up.

That's really what happened (minus running through the sprinklers) when I took a sporadic walk through the Greenway the other night.

In photos, it went a little something like this:

Has anyone ever seen a blue tractor before? I haven't. Until now.... My jaw dropped and I clapped my hands when I saw this bad boy. And the red barn in the back? Come on. If this isn't the most classic Southern photo you've ever seen then I don't know what is.

Now picture this photo with deer prancing through a field of these flowers and throw some lightening bugs in that vision as well. Heaven, right? Can someone pinch me?

We had some decent storms over the weekend too. Some people smoke weed, others like to chug beer. Me? I get high off thunderstorms.

Do you see that cloud? I had such a hard time photographing this because I was speechless, just sitting there with my camera lens closed and my jaw wide open. I'll never forget this night.

And then after sitting there for 3 hours a few minutes or so, the clouds morphed into this....

Absolutely stunning. My fascination with storms has been a lifelong thing. I was 6 years old when I spotted my first tornado in Indiana. Badass, I know. I just love it!


So Sunday comes along and I decide we need to go explore big Charlotte.
And let me tell you, the BEST way to see a city is not my car, not by train.
No, it's not even by foot..............


Ok let's be real though these things are scary dangerous.

We went on this fun tour via Charlotte NC Tours and they were awesome. Our tour guide was Rod and the man sure knows his stuff about Charlotte. He also saved me a few times from getting run over by my own Segway.

We took the 2 hour Markets, Museums and Parks tour and wow, what a great way to learn almost everything about this city.

The tour started bright and early at 9:00AM I was tired as shit and it was perfect. No one was out on the streets so we didn't have to worry about dodging humans. On Segway tours you begin with 30 minutes of safety training outside the office. Safe to say I could have used 3 hours. While we were doing this, our tour guide Rod told us to look up at this old, kinda rugged looking building. He pointed to the tall windows on the third floor, the top floor, and said 'See that couch with all the pillows and the tall lamp? That's Michael Jordan's Condo.'


After we rolled out of the office we stopped every few blocks to learn almost everything there is to know about Charlotte's history.  I could fill a couple hundred blog posts with that, so you'll just have to go for yourself and see. (AKA I'm too lazy to type it out)

We then toured a park downtown which reminded me so much of Central Park in NYC. So quiet yet so close to everything...

We rolled our way through lavish neighborhoods with eccentric, Southern style homes, past some of Charlotte's top restaurants, and on to the Carolina Panthers stadium. It was a blast! I can't wait to go on another Segway adventure - next time I'm doing the ghost tour ;)

And just in case you're wondering what those little yellow things on my tank top are.....



With a recommendation from Rod, we stopped for some iced coffee and yummy treats at a famous French bakery in downtown Charlotte called Amelie's.  Such a cool vibe inside. Eccentric art lines the walls and the staff is very welcoming.

They are famous for their Salted Caramel Brownie. With my first bite I realized why. I could have stuffed down at least 8 more, easily. I also tried a macaroon for the first time! Make sure you check this place out when you're in town :)

On a side note, you know how else you can see Charlotte? By bike! Oh you flew in from out of state and don't have a bike? The Queen City's got ya covered.

Rent-A-Bike stations! Whaaaat. You throw your credit card in a machine at the 'station' and rent the bike by the hour. Then when you're done, just return it to the nearest station! I think that is cool as hell.

My fellow Key West lovers, does this look familiar? I jumped for joy when I saw this downtown. I have plans to make one of my own and stick it in my garden once I buy a house. I think it's such a cool way to document your adventures.


Since it was Memorial Day weekend I wanted to take some photos to show off my pride and appreciation for having the privilege to call the land of the free my Home.

I am very appreciative of all the men and women in service. They put the 'Free' in Free Spirit Fun... I wish they got paid more than athletes & other celebrities, but I won't get into that.

And of course I snatched a strawberry out of the field


In other news, Mitch and I have our FIRST Wedding anniversary coming up on June 1st. Holy shit. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll be heading out of town Friday morning to go somewhere very special to celebrate. Expect some amazing blog posts in the near future but not until mid-late week next week... 'cause baby I'm gonna be out & about with my camera out! ;)

I'll miss you guys!
Follow me on Instagram: freespiritfun1 where I'll be posting photos every day of our adventures & anniversary.

Lator Gators 8-)


  1. Love those cloud pictures!! Seems like you're a Southern girlie at heart.

  2. You both are amazing! I love your adventures!!! And Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Thanks ladies :) Definitely a Southern girl at heart - curse words and all ;-)


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